Online Drug Purchasing

Over the last few years people have started to purchase drugs and medications on-line. There are a vast array of sites that you can use.
But do you know, the dangers:
They could be fake and there are many sites offering fake drugs.
Importantly you might think you are purchasing drugs legally when in fact you are breaking UK laws.

  • Facts

    For parents, particularly with the (ill) Legal Highs/NPS, this has burst on the scene, for the first time drugs are in local shops and on-line with the postman delivering to your son or daughter. Things are in the process of change regarding the shops, and a new law will come into being this year 2016 in May. The shops and UK Based Websites will be closed. Possession will not be prosecuted, but this is for all the ‘new drugs’ that might arrive. All previous banned drugs will stay within the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and are illegal to possess, please look at Drugs Classifications as the penalties in this ACT can vary depending if it’s a Class A, B or C Drug.

    You should make yourself aware of these substances, so you can go on-line and go to or go to the ‘Drugs Wheel’, which explains the 7 different types of drugs categories from Stimulants to Empathogens. Please see our Drugs Wheel Video.

    There are local services you can talk to, addresses are in the help section or you can contact us in the questions section. Remember, there is help and support and it is local.

  • Advice

    Young people, and males especially tend to be ‘risk takers’ they tend to form ‘peer clusters’, in which they associate with ‘like minded’ young people. So you mix with young people who like the same music, clothes and possibly drugs. From the outset the main thing to get straight isĀ Most Young people Do Not Take Drugs.

  • Help & Support

    Many agencies provide help and support around ‘Legal Highs/NPS, these include locally CAIR Scotland, and the Drugs and Alcohol Team at Highland House. Nationally we have Crew 2000 which can be found at and Know the Score at or you could checkout the ‘Drugs Meter’

    It is important to note that there are various types of users taking these chemicals, so how you use and what you use may affect the service which suits your needs. So contact us, in the contact page and we can direct you to the service that suits your needs.