Looking after others

Friends look after friends, you should never leave a friend alone if they have used any substance, such as ‘unidentified white powders’, that is the stuff you have purchased on-line. It might not be what it said it is, so stay with your friends.

There is no rules which govern how we behave when we go out and party, if there was the rule would be: ‘Look after your friends’, it is important to make sure your friends are ok, so if they look if they are having any problems, ask help from a steward in a club, first aid at a festival or if at home, call an ambulance. It is important that people who are having problems seek medical advice. What the packet says, even if it is nice and shiny does not mean that is the substance which is in the packet, it can and does vary on a regular basis, the issue is offering safer advice because of this. It is best to seek advice on substances and for (ill) Legal Highs/NPS you should think of contacting Crew 2000 at www.crew2000.org.uk they have some specific advice they can offer. There is local services in Perth & Kinross that can offer advice, support and information to you.