Signs & Effects to look out for

White Powders and Pills bought on line or street Vallies can be stronger and longer lasting than some prescribed drugs. Watch out for your friend becoming Unconscious, overheating, vomiting having a fit or having hallucinations. If you are worried ‘call an ambulance’, talk to someone in charge, if it’s a club. Act quickly you can save a life. Benzos that are being bought on the ‘street’ are causing real problems.

Drugs effect people in different ways depending on what drug(s) in the ‘Drugs Wheel’ you have used, and if you combine them with other drugs:

Importantly your a) Mind Set, b) Setting c) The Drug. Basically how your mind is, if you are in a bad mood the drug might not make you happy. Where you take the drug, the setting can effect you, difference between a park or a house, and how you take the drug, if you smoke a drug it effects you really quickly compared to say eating the drug.

So people may have slurred speech, alcohol or talk fast, cocaine or you might find ‘paraphernalia’, like Rizzla’s for cannabis, burn’t tin foil for Heroin or needles! You might find rolled up bank notes, for cocaine and ‘white powders’.