Staying safe around drugs

The best way to stay safe is not to take medications that are not prescribed to you, or use Research Chemicals that can cause problems, also stay within the alcohol guidelines and there is no safe advice for smoking as it is the only drug if you follow the manufactures guidelines it will drastically shorten your life.

We accept drug use is an individual choice, so we can guide you to websites that provide ‘Harm Reduction’ information or if you are looking for support we can signpost you to the service in your local area.

The safest way around drugs is not to take them! But some people are prescribed drugs, some people use drugs in the form of herbal substitutes and weight loss, some people buy drugs on the internet to help with exams. These people don’t see themselves as ‘drug users’, even though in the USA and UK more people die from prescription or Over The Counter Drugs than die from ‘Drugs: which means to most people, illegal or non-prescribed drugs’

Drug use is complex and the type of users vary:

a) Recreational Users: These are people who use ‘mainly illegal drugs’, but do so in a controlled manner at weekends or just festivals a few times per year.

b) Prescription Users: These are people who use drugs that are legally prescribed, but can get into trouble with them as dependency increases.

c) Legal Drugs Users: These are people who use legally controlled substances, such as alcohol and tobacco, which rate high on the ‘addiction scale’ and are the biggest killers of all drugs in the world.

d) Drug Dependant Users: These are people who use ‘Street Drugs’, such as Heroin and or Crack Cocaine, the drugs are banned under the MDA 1971. These are the people we talk about when we talk about or think ‘drug user’. This is what we think all users of drugs will become, but most people are not dependant users. Only 2% of drug users use Heroin/Opiates, but they make up 80% of service users.

On-lineĀ  users will fit into some of the above drug users types, it is important to differentiate how a drug is used and how it effects people, taking drugs that can cause panic attacks and distress should always be avoided. If you use stimulants, like amphetamine or synthetic types which you might see as ‘legal highs’ can cause major problems, your body is not designed to stay awake for long periods and if you start suffering paranoia, seek help, talk to Crew 2000 or surf the websites like FRANK, these can all offer support or offer guidance. Please contact us if you have any problems in seeking support! Remember street Vallies and Opiate Pills are a growing concern around people dying from using these.