The Dangers of ‘New Drugs & On Line purchase’ Drugs Wheel Video

We don’t know the effects of ‘New Drugs’, as with everything the need to study long-term effects. Scientists have had over 30 years to study MDMA, which is what should be in ‘Ecstasy’.  Basically we have not had time to study them and measure the effects. What we do know, some are ‘Research Chemicals’ where the chemist who invented them never wanted them to be manufactured. We also know that as they ‘mimic’ some illegal drugs then we can guess some outcomes, for example ‘Stimulants’ have certain effects on your heart and we know that they keep you awake, which is not good for the brain or your body. It is important to know the ‘Drugs Wheel’ which can explain the effects of the different substances. People talk about ‘street vallies’ these are Benzos, never licenced for GP prescribing, and the same with some of the opiates.

Two men walk into a bar. One man orders H2O. The other says ‘I’ll have H2O, Too please’ The second man dies! The first man orders ‘water’ the second man, by mistake has ordered ‘hydrogen peroxide’. The moral of the story, is you can make a simple mistake and get the wrong stuff or take the wrong amount,  what it says on the box could be very misleading. Do your homework if you are purchasing weight, diet or any on-line product, they could be controlled or worse be fake. There is no quality control. Check various chatrooms about the products you intend to purchase, because it has a doctor or a professional gym user on the cover, really has no relationship to the substance.

We don’t know what is in these ‘new drugs’ , we are playing chemistry and you are the ‘lab rat’. We have had no time to study or test them and some of them are really ‘Research Chemicals’ and were never designed for use.