Alcohol Help

Perth & Kinross have several agencies that can help with issues that you or a loved one might feel they are facing around alcohol. Like the issues created by alcohol, you will find various services and support groups suit certain people better. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or support and also you can shop around the various services.

Importantly you feel find that the support services offer confidential and discreet support, they will explain this to you when you talk with them or meet with them.

We have a range of services which you can access, these are listed in the Support Section. Tayside Council on Alcohol are based at 18 King Street, Perth you can find all Tayside Services for TCA on They support people throughout Perth & Kinross-shire.

There is also which supports the families, please if you feel you need help and support contact an agency the hardest part for some people is to reach out, but once you do you will find help and support/

You can also contact AA or call 0800 9177650 (free phone) or (e-mail) This will give you up-yo-date meetings in your local area.