Planning a night out

Most people who consume alcohol, enjoy going out for a night out, here are some tips to enjoy your night out.

To make your night out safer, it is best to plan it:

a) Plan your night, try not to pre-load, as you unlike a pub or club will not be measuring the ‘units’, most people are really surprised when they realise how small 25mls really is.

b) Make sure you are with friends, these are the people you should be able to trust to look after you. Good friends look after their mates.

c) If you need to get a Taxi home, you should pre-book from a company that you know, or go to a taxi rank or taxi office to get your taxi. Don’t just put your hand out and flag down a car!

d) Make sure that you have eaten properly before you go out.

e) Try to avoid rounds, these could cost a fortune and make you drink more than you planned.

f) You can pace your drinking and yes, have a soft drink to help you slow down your consumption.

g) If you tend to drink, do not take your car, if out very late be aware in the morning, if driving you could be over the limit.

h) If you witness trouble starting, do not get involved, there are trained staff and professionals to deal with this. Stewards have been trained to handle this, if the police become involved they are the professionals, leave it in their hands.

i) Text your friends when you get home, just to say you got home safe.