Staying safe at home

People are increasingly consuming alcohol in their own homes, or friends homes. There is some good tips we can provide you regarding this consumption. When children got asked about when they think of alcohol, most children associated Alcohol with a supermarket than a pub. The ease in which we can purchase alcohol has increased and alcohol association is changing as the industry produces other products such as BBQ sauce or Flavoured Ice Cream.

You should eat before you consume alcohol, as Fire & Rescue can point out, that a very large percentage of house fires are stated when someone decides to make some food after consuming alcohol and then falling asleep while the food is cooking, this can be a danger not only for yourself but for other people in the house.

Eating food is also good for your stomach as alcohol is absorbed in the stomach, one area most affected by alcohol consumption.

Importantly, please remember that we tend to pour ourselves at least a double pub measure of alcohol when we consume at home. This can create problems, in the fact you think you have had a ‘few’, when you have had, ‘many’ and importantly if you are driving in the morning. Your licence can be at risk, is it worth it. So measure and don’t over consume.

When drinking at home, do not decide to undertake those ‘small jobs’ that you have been putting off! A large % of A&E admissions from accidents in the home, involve alcohol consumption.

Drinking & Driving:

Scotland has a new ‘drink driving limit’, this puts us into line with most countries in Europe.

So the official advice is zero alcohol before you drive, be safe be sure. The limit is 50mg/100mls of alcohol in the blood.

This is really important to watch your drinking and driving in the morning. The best advice is not to drive for at least 12 hours after your last drink! Not sure, for any reason, do not get behind the wheel.

You can get advice on this subject from the Police Scotland Website or ROSPA. Alcohol plays a role in around 30% of drownings. As it lowers your inhibitions your more liable to undertake a dare.