Useful tips for cutting down on alcohol

First thing is to be aware of the ‘cues’ and ‘triggers’ that want to make you consume alcohol! These could be simply going to the supermarket or a bad day at work. So some useful tips.

1) Keep a drinks diary, a lot of services recommend this to people, it can be done on-line or even on your phone.

2) Keep a track of your units; these are 2-3 per day for adults,  (not every day, need rest days). So this for most people will be a glass of wine at 175mls or a half pint of strong beer, or a pint of light Ale,  Google DrinkAware and get their drinking app, its really good.

3) Starting a diet, cutting down alcohol your onto a winner, alcohol is full of calories, also the wrong type of calories.

4) Reward yourself with the money you saved, so you can see a gain.

5) At home, buy a smaller wine glass, so you are drinking less.

6) Avoid going for a wonder down the supermarket drinks isle, they spend a lot on ways to tempt you.

7) If drinking at home, set a time to drink, with food, is a good choice, so you associate eating with alcohol. Importantly you can re-cork the bottle no rule that you have to drink all of the wine, for example.

8) Cut down the alcohol you actually keep in the house, this is one of the areas of supply for children, taking their parents drink.

9) If you are a pub/club drinker, avoid rounds, save money and control your drinking.

10) Don’t get tempted by offers, don’t double up!

11) Try and drink lower strength beers, lagers and ciders.