Alcohol is full of calories, but these are not the type of calories that your body needs for fuel, therefore we refer to them as negative calories. So although you will put weight on they are not a replacement for meals. Alcohol Concern and Alcohol Focus Scotland and Drinkaware all provide factsheets on calories. For example in the DrinkAware app, which is free you will find calories included in your alcohol measurements. If you want to loss weight and gain money, cut out alcohol!

There are more calories in alcohol than you might think, this is in the alcohol itself and these are not ‘good calories’, we also are more likely to eat ‘fast food’ as alcohol increases your appetite by suppressing leptin, the hormone which normally tells your brain to stop eating. It also affects many other brain chemicals that are involved in appetite suppression. All of this likely to increase the chances of obesity which like alcohol is not good for your liver.