Drinking and Driving

If you are going to drive, it is recommended that you do not consume any alcohol. Importantly be aware that, if you are drinking at home you tend to pour a larger amount than you would in a pub, so if your driving the next day be aware, you can still be over the limit.

In Scotland, in line with most countries in Europe, the amount of Alcohol that you can have in your body when you drive is now 50mg/100mls of blood.

It is now the official advice that you consume NO alcohol before you drive, just to be on the save side. ‘Think Zero before You Drive’.

One issue for people, is that we now consume more alcohol in the house than we did in the past, so the real issue for people is the next morning, you might feel fine to drive, you might have had a large breakfast, but you can still be over the limit. It is best not to drive the next morning, so if you are working the next day, get a train or bus or even a lift. Losing your licence can and will effect your whole life.