How does alcohol affect your health?

Alcohol is not in anyway good for your health, yes every so often we catch on the news that it may help your heart, some one off study about alcohol, reports and this reaches the news! What these studies tend to show alcohol in very small amounts, might help your heart, but you need to be over 40 years old! (Importantly there are many debates about these studies).
So all the other health issues are beginning to happen, your liver, cancers and obesity have already kicked in! One small glass, one unit, a 125 mls glass, most people don’t! So holding onto one health benefit and forgetting the other evidence, is not really wise. If you think that people in their 20s and 30s are showing up in medical wards with liver and heart damage, a healthy drink at 40 year old is a long way off, and at 125mls of red wine, for example, a very small measure for most drinkers.

Alcohol is a drug, a chemical that we consume called ‘Ethanol’, which in turn becomes ‘Acetaldhyde’, these are both harmful to the body and cause various cancers and damage to all our major organs.

Liver Cancer is the best known, and most measured. The Liver is the bodies factory, breaking down products and getting rid of harmful substances. The liver breaks down when alcohol damages the cells, this is also linked to obesity, which in turn for many people links back to alcohol. Alcohol and Obesity have a close relationship and the associated cancers now count for a greater amount of deaths around cancers than even tobacco, liver, pancreatic cancer and cancer of the oesophagus to name but a few!

Alcohol affects your chances of cirrhosis and pancreatitis, it plays a role in mental and behavioural disorders including depression, violence and memory loss.