How many units are in a drink?

The Chief Medical Officers for the UK have agreed that 14 units are the max that people should consume in the UK. Drinking afters your cognitions. These are important as they help us determine safety to drive or operate machinery. Alcohol is a drug which gets broken down one unit at a time in the Liver. You might hear of the debates about units, this is about how to explain them, should we look more at overall units, as most people drink only on certain days, rather than daily, the issue is alcohol in small amounts has an effect on all your body organs.

The sensible limits of alcohol are measured in ‘units’, these are:

14 Units of Alcohol per week with two-three days alcohol free. Also be aware about binging on your units.

The Chief Medical Officers for the UK have all agreed that we look at the new 14 Units for everyone, this is based upon research around risk factors associated with cancer and other health issues related to alcohol.

Everyone needs at least two days a week without alcohol. These limits are for adults, there is no safe amounts for under 18s.