Myths and Facts: Sport and Males/Females

Alcohol is not a performance enhancing drug, it will not improve your ability to play sports or help you in any physical activity. You may see it as part of your Sunday Football, but drinking before or during sports is not advisable.

Alcohol, unlike some other drugs that people use, is not a performance enhancing drug. Alcohol is a depressant drug, which means that it slows down the bodies system. Whatever you hear about alcohol in sports, some folklore from the past, it is not a healthy choice to make when taking part in any sport.

Importantly the use of alcohol does affect men and women in different ways, it is important to make yourself aware of this, advice is available on this page, but if you want to find out more please contact us and we can send you some information.

In men alcohol consumption can inhibit the production of testosterone, which is critical for libido and physical arousal, thus alcohol has an effect on males sexual performance. It is also important to note that people are more liable to get involved in more high risk sexual behaviour when drunk. Many young men tend to regret some of the experiences that they get involved in when using alcohol and having sex.

The role of alcohol and sex, for women can have major issues, this is more so in today’s world with videos and social media. There has been great distress caused to women by videos being posted on the internet, as once on the whole world can see them, everyone has seen the video of the young woman having sex at a music festival! Every person who has just read this, will have a thought of a video of a woman they have seenĀ on the internet at a festival, it is not the same woman and not the same festival.

All this in young women can lead to bullying at school and for older women can be the subject of ‘revenge sex’, where ex-partner posts a video of you on-line and through social media.

The watchword is be careful, think about your night, plan ahead and watch what you drink and who you drink with! What was funny on a Saturday might be your worst nightmare on a Monday!

Alcohol and Sports:

Alcohol is not good in sports at any level, yes we all have heard the stories of football players, lying drunk in the street or cricket players, watering the roses. But during sport or in the lead up this have an adverse affect on your performance. Alcohol is a diuretic drug, producing more urine and also leading to dehydration, which increases when you exercise, causing a rise in temperatures.

You really won’t perform well dehydrated and with a hangover, which includes a headache, this will affect your concentration and ability to make split decisions, which are really important in sport. So if you are going to train in the gym, avoid alcohol the night before, it’s simple and there is plenty of advice on this.