What is alcohol?

Alcohol is a drug, and it has a powerful effect on your body, importantly even after you stop drinking the alcohol you have consumed will still be affecting you, so you could be more ‘drunk’ an hour after your final drink. Importantly watch mixing alcohol with other drugs, such as prescription medication as alcohol can affect the drug you are consuming, causing problems. If the prescription says ‘avoid alcohol’ this is what it means.

What is alcohol? we all know this substance, it surrounds us all of our life, it is used to celebrate almost every important event in our life’s. It is in our supermarkets, aisles full of the stuff in every flavour you can imagine.

First of all, alcohol is a drug, what we are talking about is ‘ethanol’ a chemical substance which creates the feeling of relaxation, pleasure and lowers inhibitions, which might make you more talkative and for many dads makes them dance, badly.

The effects on your body change the more you consume, this is measured in units of alcohol, it effects every organ of your body, once it enters your bloodstream it becomes ‘acetaldehyde’, which is broken down in your ‘liver’ and leaves the body through the urethra as urine, some leaves in sweat and breath! (one way we can test amounts).

Alcohol effectively gets broken down in your liver, which is the bodies factory, the hard working organ which keeps everything going.