Help & Support

Alcohol Focus Scotland have created My Family & Alcohol which gives an insight into how alcohol misuse can impact loved ones.

Our main voluntary agency who offer support around ‘alcohol’ is TCA (Tayside Council on Alcohol) they can be found at or check Alcohol Focus Scotland on or

There are several ‘Hub Agencies’ that have address of others services on their website; PKAVS at which can help with local voluntary groups. There is also MindSpace at who can help support you around mental health services and recovery. Importantly Perth & Kinross Council have several directories of local support agencies, around each area of P&K. www.pkc, 

Perth & Kinross-shire has an excellent new support group called Andysmansclub when we look at male self harm and suicide, men don’t talk about their problems, AMC is a place to go and is providing support to men of all ages. is the address you can find out more. There is one that meets at McDiarmid Park in Perth.


Health related issues can be specifically dealt with at or

We will provide a full list of the important local and national services in this website, if you can find what you are looking for please contact us through the questions page, we will do everything we can to support your request.

If you feel that you can’t find what you are looking for please send us an e-mail through ‘Chemical Bob’, you can ask an ‘open or closed’ question, we will do our best to direct you to the service you require.

The Hypnotherapy Directory have an informative section on alcohol misuse.

  • Alcohol Overdose Information

    What you can do to help:

    Sit with the person and try and keep them awake.

    Give them some water to sip.

    If they do pass out put them in the ‘recovery position’.

    Call an ambulance if in doubt.

    Don’t Ever:

    Give them coffee.

    Put them in a cold shower.

    Thrown them in a bed and leave them.

    Give them more alcohol or pills to help them.

    Do not supply drugs like cocaine or speed.