What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a combination drug, which is a mixture of Buprenophine and Naloxone. It is an ‘opiod drug’, which is used to treat opiate dependency, this can be from the likes of heroin. Naloxone is used to ‘block’ the effects of opiates (Heroin/Methadone and Codeine, for example) and is commonly used in an overdose situation.

Basically this drug is an opioid blocker which should not be used with other opiates as it ‘cancels them out’, this can be on the withdrawal effect, ┬áit is used mainly for opiate dependence or for the treatment of pain. It is important to note that all drugs containing opiates can lead to dependency. So should only be used under medical supervision and the prescribing instructions should be obeyed.

If anyone wishes to find out more about this drug, we can put them in contact with the local prescribers who work for Tayside Substance Misuse Service, who are all NHS Staff.