Drugs & the Law ‘All Drugs already Banned are under the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act’

Drugs & the Law, our drugs which are used for non-legal purposes are part of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, which has three Classes A, B, & C this is based on the harm to the individual and society. The description of ‘Harm’ is not medically based, it is a ‘Legal Instrument’, so does not reflect actual harm. But it is still the law and this is what the criminal justice system works to.

All Drugs that have been ‘Banned’ or put under ‘Temporary Orders’ will enter the MDA 1971. Which has three Classes of Drugs, which can be seen below.

The New ‘Psychoactive Substances Act (May) 2016’ will close all the ‘Head-Shops’ that sell ‘(Il) Legal Highs, so ‘Legal Highs’ will no longer exist. The UK Based Websites will close. The law will ban certain substances for specific reasons, so Nitrous Oxide in Balloons will be banned, but will be ok for use in cooking and medical use, which is it’s intended legal purpose.   Substances like Poppers will not be banned.  Also the police will not criminalise possession of any new substance. But this can be removed from you a) Before it reaches you if you use a non-UK website and Customs can remove the substance. b) If you are opening using at events, you might find the substance removed and in fact due to Zero Tolerance of Music Events, you might be asked to leave. If found with ‘white powders’ the police might assume these are illegal under the 1971 MDA or they can be removed for your personal safety. Please under no circumstance believe that possession of all drugs is legal/tolerated it is not.  




There are three Classes of Drugs in UK under the 1971 MDA.

A: Most severe, Possession up to 7 years, Supply & Production Up to life in prison & unlimited fine, or both. [Types: Heroin, Cocaine and Ecstasy, for example]

B: Less Harmful, Possession up to 5 years, Supply 14 years and unlimited fine or both. [Types: Cannabis, Codeine and Ketamine, for example]

C: Least Harmful, Possession up to 2 years, Supply 14 years and unlimited fine or both, [Types: Steroids, Benzodiazepines, Khat, for example]