Opioids and the Dangers of Fentanyl & Prescribed Opiates

Opioids are the drugs we have all used, they are medically used in pain relief in childbirth, heart attacks and in cancer patients. They surround us in various substances. But these are the drugs that when you mention them to people in street names, cause they most concern and if fact are the most users of these substances, ie Heroin tend to show up in services, creating the belief that people using services are all heroin users!

There has been a sea change in Opioid Drug Use, with more awareness around Opiates like Fentanyl and Oxycodone and other strong prescribed or medically used opiates that are not designed for non-medical use. These are a lot purer than Street Heroin, thus people can and do overdose on them. These drugs are showing up in Drug Deaths as well as the stronger Benzodiazepines, such as Xanax which is not prescribed in the UK. People can and do purchase fake Benzos which are a danger when mixed with other drugs or too many are taking.

Effects: Sense of euphoria and well being, warmth, sleepy, reduced sense of pain.

Downside Effects:  Vomiting, sweaty, itching, constipation. Addiction sets in quickly for a lot of users, so people suffer withdrawals, effects on the heart and lungs, chance of overdose and death. Many effects are due to have these drugs are used, IV use increases the chances of OD and the chance of infections and blood borne viruses.