The psychedelics have been with us for centuries, they have appeared in natural substances and have been blamed for many people having religious and other experiences in the middle ages, as ‘ergot’. It was only with the synthesis of LSD by Albert Hoffman, who first used this substance, did the world start to realise the effects of this substance.

Effects: Sense of spiritual connection, heightened musical appreciation, visual and auditory hallucinations and sense of colour and loss of time.

Downside Effects: Panic, anxiety, bad hallucinations, inability to cope.

Although LSD was synthesised as a medicine for the use in mental health, it is believed that there is no medical use of these substances and they are Class A drugs. These drugs include LSD, Mescaline and ‘Shrooms’, various mushrooms that can cause the affects similar to LSD. This includes DMT, which is a component of some ‘tribes’ religious experiences.