Legal or Controlled Substances?

Legal Drugs, are drugs like ‘alcohol’, nicotine and caffeine, and prescribed medications. Importantly there are controls on these substances, the main ones for alcohol is age restrictions and purchasing, for nicotine, it is age, for both of them it is tax. There is a whole area of regulation and licencing that effects, ‘legal substances’. Medications have strict rules on who can be prescribed these substances, for example you won’t get ‘methadone’ to control pain, the Benzodiazepines are also ‘controlled’.

Solvents have their own restrictions in Scotland. ‘New Drugs’ that are not controlled under the MDA 1971 and various updates are covered by the ‘Psychoactive Substances Act (2016), or the Medicines Act.

It is suggested that you might want to try Release as a site to visit  The reason is that under the PSA (2016) it is not unlawful to posses for your personal consumption, this is only ‘New Drugs’ the rest are actually covered under the MDA 1971.