Useful Links

Throughout this Website we aim to put you in contact with local and national agencies, you can click the links and see what the agencies can offer. Once again any issues, please contact us through Chemical Bob and we will direct you to the appropriate local agency or a national agency that can offer support.

There are a whole range of useful links that can provide honest, scientific and up-to-date information on (ill) Legal Highs or New/Novel Psychoactive Substances!

Local Agencies:

This is the ‘new name’ we used to call CAIR, please see the website for more details.

CATH is another local group who focus on housing and issues around alcohol and/or drugs:  please contact website for more information.

CREW are based in Edinburgh, but have a really helpful website:

Cool2Talk is the NHS Tayside young peoples support:

Tayside Council on Alcohol is local Alcohol support agencies, which also deals with Gambling, for more information contact them through their website:

MindSpace offer a range of support around Mental Health Issues:

Child Protection and Protecting People can be found at Perth & Kinross Councils Website: 

The Salvation Army offer support to people in the SkinnerGate Hostel, they offer a range of support: a  Perth and Kinross Council offer support at various temporary accommodation sites.

AA is a national support agency offering support to people with Alcohol Problems:

Narcotics Anon offers support to people around drugs:

Scottish Recovery Consortium

Tuck is an organisation aimed at advancing better sleep. They have guides on Alcohol and Sleep, Addiction and Sleep, and Non-Drug Therapies.