Wheel of Drug Types

Within our drugs wheel you will find a range of drugs that are legal, prescribed and readily available. We have also included a range of illegal drugs and drugs that are in the process of being made illegal. It is important to be aware that using any drug or substance outwith guidelines or recommended limits or in low doses can and will have effects on your body. These vary depending on the person, for example around mental health. They also vary with other factors including your sex, your weight and your age, this is the case if we look at alcohol.
Mixing drugs can cause you more problems, many of the ‘new drugs’ or prescribed medications when mixed with alcohol can increase the risk factors and push the use into the danger zone.  Drugs like the Benzos and the Opiates such as Fentanyl are causing increasing issues. This guide, is by nature a guide, please read up and find out about the substances you are using, for example, alcohol creates issues which are never really explored by people, mix alcohol with Tramadol, for example can lead to death?  People can and do overdose on drugs, become aware of what you should do in this case, importantly always look after your friends.

The ‘Drugs Wheel’ was developed by Mark Adler and offers us 7 Different Types of Drug Categories. This is really helpful and actually helps us discuss all the drugs which are coming out on the internet. It is a Circle with seven sections are three rings; the outer ring describes the category of drug,  Opioids, for example, which contain Codeine and Morphine, the other two circles divide into ‘Legal/Prescribed’ and ‘Illegal/Non-Prescribed’. This helps us in a simple way to explain drugs to young people and adults alike. This can be downloaded at http://www.thedrugswheel.com/

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