Can I save all my units up over the week and drink them all in one go? (That is 14 Units for Men and Women)

Units in the UK, the original idea was designed to give a ‘daily limit’ of 2-3 units for women and men, with at least two days off drinking. With 14 units being agreed by the Chief Medical Officers. This is based upon ‘risk-factors’ around illness and cancer in particular.

With changing drinking patterns people tend to drink at the weekends, the idea is not to save up units, this is because if you do you tend to binge, which is seen as drinking just over twice your daily units.

So the answer is this is not advisable, as if you drink more, you are more liable to have accidents, be ill or get into fights. The risk factors increase the more you drink, you loose co-ordination and sense of proportion, you are liable to harm yourself, you should certainly not drive or work machinery or on holiday go swimming. In Perth & Kinross Alcohol and Fire Deaths are closely related, so is drowning’s in rivers like the Tay, which is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the UK, this makes it really cold at all times. For further advice on this you can contact Fire & Rescue at or call 01738-475260