I drink 4 pints a nite. Every nite. Done this for the last 15yrs. Is this 2 much?

It is recommended that we look at limiting our alcohol intake to 14 Units per week, with two to three days alcohol free. (A unit is a half pint of beer/lager at approx. 4% ABV.) This is to give you and your body a rest, you should also be aware of the binge effect. The break from alcohol is important to your body.

The Chief Medical Officers advice is based around risk factors, around cancers that alcohol has affect upon. This includes, Liver, mouth and gullet. The risk effect increases the more you consume, so this new guidance helps us make decisions on our drinking behaviours.

We can and many people do change their drinking habits, please look at some of the advice in the pages on this website. If you feel you are drinking too much you can contact TCA (Tayside Council on Alcohol) or look at getting the drinks calculator from www.drinkaware.co.uk