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What long-term damage could legal highs do to my mind?

The short answer is we really don’t know, as we have not had the time to fully study these substances. But we do know that they ‘mimic’ other drugs and they take certain routes around your brain to create the desired effect.

We do know that if people who do not get sleep or their brain does not ‘rest’ they can suffer issues around ‘drug induced psychosis’, this is not pleasant to watch. We are aware that there has been an increase in people attending mental health facilities due to their use of ‘NPS/Legal Highs’.

We also know that people have attended hospital due to overdose of some of these substances, getting treated for overdose in a hospital is not a pleasant experience for the individual or their family. Because it’s legal does not mean it’s safe.

Should I Purchase Medications & Drugs On-line?

The simple answer is no, it is still illegal and you might be prosecuted under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, or the Psychoactive Substances Act.  Going on-line and purchasing anything, even what you believe to be medication, can cause you some problems, apart from legal issues, you might for example get ‘fake or counterfeit drugs, this means they may come in what looks like a pharmacy dispensed package, but the contents can be either understrength or stronger, so you might get Diazepam 10 x stronger which can lead to overdose, or purchase medicines not licenced for Pharmacy or GP prescribing.

Importantly most music festivals in the UK checks have shown that these drugs can pose dangers to your health and wellbeing or if a steward searches you and,  you have them on you will probably get kicked out the festival or the police might arrest you until they test the substance. Thus a lose, lose situation.

Importantly this is not recommending using the illegal drug either, as if you get caught with a Class A drug you will be dealt with by the police for possessing/supplying a Class A drug.

What is the drug classification system?

The Drugs Classification System is the system that the UK uses to ‘Classify Harms’ that drugs might cause the person using them and society. If a Drug has no medical use in the UK, even if it is used in other countries it will be illegal, so Ecstasy is a Class A drug in the UK. The classes also reflect the criminal penalties that you face, class A being the most severe.

Importantly there is a difference between simple possession and supplying a drug. If you have a drug on your person, even though it is not your drug, you can get charged for possession.

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