10 Ways to Cut Down on Alcohol Without Cutting Down on Fun!

‘Aye Right’ the first Scottish answer, when a double positive makes an negative! If we can be creative thinkers we can be creative drinkers: Right!

1) On a night out show up a little bit later than you normally would, listen to some good music in the house, while getting ready.

2) If you drink spirits, like vodka and coke, who is to know it’s just coke your drinking.

3) Buy your own round, you arrive late, and tell people you are trying to save money.

4) You can buy other drinks that look like alcohol, there is a whole range of these.

5) If you are in the house, try some ‘mocktails’, these are non-alcoholic drinks that look like cocktails, but without the alcohol.

6) If you are drinking, order a single measure and do not be tempted to buy the double.

7) You can buy low alcoholic drinks, in Scotland there has been a range of these since the new drink drive act, changed the limits.

8) Tell your friends, you are ‘looking after your weight’ so cutting down.

9) Remember, if you drink less, your more likely not to buy ‘late night food’.

10) The money you save treat yourself to something you always wanted, except alcohol!

So if you have a positive mind, you can save money and enjoy a night out, oh and yes, less chance of a hangover.