Do You Know the Calories in Your Alcohol?

The cost of an average women who goes on a diet, per year is around £500, so dieting can and does cost a lot of money. So people spend a lot of time and money on these, while a more simple option can be staring them in the face. Alcohol contains a lot of calories and these calories have no positive effects on you. Drinkaware has a ‘calorie counter’, which you can download that measures these.

People might go to work and talk about how they ‘opened a few bottles of wine’ at the weekend, they certainly would not talk in the same way about the calories in food. So remember a Glass of Wine has similar calories to a slice of cake, a pint of beer equals a slice of pizza, and a vodka and coke is half a doughnut. But for a lot of people on a night out they top this up with some ‘take away food’.

So if you are dieting, look at your alcohol content, you could just be saving money rather than spending money on diets. So lets recommend the ‘Save Money Diet’, cut out the alcohol, change your eating habits, check British Heart Foundation website, and you loose weight and save money, now there is a challenge.