Legal Highs/NPS Is it Really Safe?

The term ‘Legal High’ came about in it’s modern usage 7 years ago. The world of drugs is a strange world, basically ‘Ecstasy’ became scarce and ‘Cocaine’ became, well, not really cocaine! So the drugs equivalent to some ‘City Traders’ well they realised that all these ‘research papers on test chemicals’ had been produced over the years and that chemically tweaking a drug, you got a ‘mimic drug’. ( a drug that acts like another drug, in some way’s)

These it turned out where legal! So at music festivals ‘legal high stalls’ popped-up and traditional head-shops expanded! (Bongs and glossy cannabis (synthetic) packets)

Now that’s the history, but as we find out as we go along these drugs are not really that safe! We use (ill) Legal Highs, as they make people ‘Ill’ and they end up in hospital or mental health centre and they are also becoming Illegal! This has been a legal dance, with the producers changing the steps as the law catches-up. Very soon, these will be banned and the shops will close.

Over time we have built up some knowledge that these can cause people to have psychotic episodes and severe panic attacks, and uncontrolled vomit issues. The drugs they mimic can best describe the effects, but because they have other side effects, we are still learning about then we will keep you up-dated. Basically we have taken a giant step into the unknown, we have 30 years knowledge of ‘Ecstasy’ and only a few weeks about some of these substances!