Recovery & Wellbeing

Recovery is basically when the person who has had issues with drugs or alcohol has decided to try and change their relationship with the substance. It is viewed by many as a journey and as such it is individual to the person who is making this journey. People can and will make decisions that can change their life’s, there is no one definition of what recovery is, in fact there are many.

Wellbeing: Is about looking after yourself, making connections and support that improve your life:

The NHS has five steps to wellbeing that you can use, or you can contact MindSpace:  there are usually a range of groups that can help you increase your wellbeing locally.

Many people and support services as well as mutual aid groups have various belief systems around recovery, people will seek the recovery support which suits them.

Importantly recovery is also about the family and carers as well as the local community, it is about people with mental health as well as alcohol and drugs use. In fact many people are in recovery from various issues that have affected their life’s. So find out about recovery and wellbeing, remember it is possible and there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is important to note that every path you walk is different for different people. Thus Recovery & Wellbeing is what you make it.

  • Help & Support

    There is help and support in Perth & Kinross, for most people it is knowing where to find the help, this is one of the reasons for the production of this website. If you can find what you are looking for please contact us through Chemical Bob.

  • Recovery Stories

    We have put our ‘Recovery Stories’ on to the DVD link that is on this page. People telling you their stories we find is more emotionally effective than just reading, in some cases the film is more important than the book.

    Watch the stories and you will see, people have the power to change, they will go to a variety of mutual aid groups, which adds strength to their recovery. Throughout this recovery section, we recommend that you might find AA or NA really helpful or Smart Recovery. There is support for people and their families and friends, it is here in Perth and Kinross.

  • Facts to help you.

    Recovery is for many people, a journey that they are making from the chaotic lifestyle they had when they used drugs, to a life in which they are no longer controlled by the drugs. People find a path and this for many people involves ‘mutual aid’, either 12-step fellowships or Smart Recovery.

  • Self Help

    Smart Recovery and Smart Family & Friends, are growing Mutual Aid groups which are taking place across Perth & Kinross. From The Prisons to the hospitals and within the local communities. They are on-line, as some people like to access support on-line. These have grown up over the last 20 years across the world, it is a science-based addiction support group where we learn self empowering skills and people support each other in the community, you can change, the power to do so is within you.

    Please see for more information or contact us via ‘Chemical Bob’ to put you in touch with our local smart groups, you are more than welcome.


  • Advice

    When looking for advice, it is best to be patient, there is a lot of agencies that offer support around addictions to you your loved one, your friends and families. Finding the right one can be the issue, there may not be exactly what you are looking for in your local area. But you might have to travel, you might try an agency and it is not really for you, importantly keep trying.

    WE live in a world of the internet, it can surprise you what you might find, also it might suit you to use internet support, this can be for reasons that are personal to you and your loved ones. So search around, asked the services listed or talk with your GP if you are finding it difficult to find the ‘service you are looking for’.