Reducing Your Alcohol Intake

If you think you are drinking too much and would like to reduce your alcohol intake there are steps you can take, these are included in this section, But if alcohol has taking control of your life and feel that it is out of control, you should think of seeking help and support, there are a range of services and mutual aid groups in Perth & Kinross that can offer you support. Remember 14 Units are the maximum per week, for a totally healthy lifestyle, less than this would be recommended.

To reduce your drinking, you should firstly think about what you are consuming and why you  might be consuming too much alcohol, is affecting you at home or work and possibly your health, do you for example want to loose weight. So there are many reasons for wanting to cut down.

First you can make a ‘Drink Less Resolution’, write down the whys! You can download Apps to support this such as ‘mydrinkaware’ which is on Apple and Android Phones and on your computer, just ‘google’. This is a Free App.

Second, you can get hold of a ‘drink diary’ this can be from TCA (Tayside Council on Alcohol) or the NHS.  Health Scotland have this on the website:

Third you can plan, so in the home use smaller measures, do not purchase large amounts of alcohol to sit around your house. Don’t drink during the week or cut your day’s. You can drink soft drinks between alcohol drinks. You can try low strength or zero alcohol drinks. In the pub go for singles not doubles, avoid rounds and book a taxi or plan a ‘home time’. If you can make an excuse to drink, then you can also make an excuse not to drink.