Reducing Your Drug Use

Reducing your drug use, depends on the drugs you are using, most people tend to use drugs at specific times and occasions, importantly once they get older they tend to decrease and stop using all-together. A number of social-economic factors come into play.  If you are using ‘opiates’, like heroin most people find that this is not something they can reduce on their own and so seek professional support. In Perth & Kinross SMS (Substance Misuse Service) runs the ‘methadone programme’, and increasingly the use of Buperenorphine,  in which people move away from street drugs, which are dangerous to a clinically proven drug called methadone, or Subloxone, ,  which is medically supervised. So people use this system to reduce from opiates.

Reducing your drugs use depends on several factors around the drugs you are using, we are talking about hundred’s of substances that can be administered and used in a variety of ways, from oral to IV (injected). So this is more complex than alcohol!

If it is prescription medication, discuss with your GP or medical professional, you should never just stop taking prescribed medication without advice. Beware the internet, it can be full of ‘old wife’s tales and lack of science’. Check the medical or science sites, not the science by numbers sites.

If it is OTC (Over The Counter), like some herbal sleeping pills, which can contain strong psychoactive drugs. Discuss this with the Pharmacist or plan to reduce, you need a plan. Look at ways to get a better sleep, like cutting down caffeine and relaxation methods and simple things like having a warm bath or reading or exercise.

Importantly it depends on what you want to cut down, reducing cigarettes will be totally different from coming off Heroin. Also how long have you used the drug, this effects tolerance and dependency. Are you in the ‘right place’ to make the changes required. This is about you and your willpower, not anyone else’s

Importantly have you the support of a loved one, family and/or friends, a carer and have you made contact with Mutual Aid Groups like NA (Narcotics Anon) or Smart Recovery, for example. Other issues might suggest you use MindSpace or Andy’s Man-Club. There are easy assessable support in Perth & Kinross-shire.

Have you looked at ‘coping skills’ such as using Smart Tools or going through your Steps. Would you accept counselling.

Would you accept Medically Assisted Treatment, such as Methadone or Bupernophine and are you willing to face a detox or re-hab. These are all important choices are as an individual you will have to make them, you might get help, it is your recovery and your journey.