How support groups could help you

Support Groups can help you, as they can be local and they can run meetings at a time that suits you. The hardest part, is making that first step, it really is a huge step for mankind. You can get support to attend meetings, people who attend are generally willing to come and show some support, some groups like AA have sponsors who will support you in making these steps. Some groups might meet you in a neutral place, like a local coffee shop for a chat.

Support Groups exist within Perth & Kinross to offer you and your family or friends support, through a whole range of addictions. These range from groups like Smart Recovery all the way through to Conversation Cafe’s as well as established Church Groups and local family based groups.

You can get some advice by contacting us through ‘Chemical Bob’ or by reading through the pages in this website or by contacting PKAVS at or PKC (Perth & Kinross Council) who work closely with local organisations on