Naloxone Safety

Naloxone is a drug which can ‘temporarily ‘ reverse the effects of opiate (heroin/methadone) overdose. This drug is a harmless drug and it can’t be misused. It is a Prescription Only Medication. Scotland is leading the way with providing this drug to people. To people in an overdose state it CAN BE A LIFESAVER. We can’t stress this enough get trained, get Naloxone, save a life.

Naloxone is a drug which can temporarily reverse the effects of opiate overdose, this is mainly from heroin/methadone, but any opiate can lead to anĀ OD (Overdose). It is a very safe drug which as stated reverses the effect of the opiate for 20-40 minutes. Importantly you should call an ambulance if someone is in OD, we will put a DVD on-line to show you this, please be aware that you can get an ‘App’ which is called U-turn which provides information in an emergency. This is FREE and takes you through the stages step-by-step Naloxone saves life’s and this is important, if you are using opiates get some, tell your family and friends you have this, keep it handy. Get your family and friends trained, it is free and available locally.