What is recovery

Recovery has been described as a personal journey that a person makes when they are recovering from an addictive behaviour or illness. The truth is that there is no one definition of recovery, which means people can make of it what they want, and that is great, as it allows the individual, their family and community to hold either the same or different views on recovery.

In Perth & Kinross we have adopted the 12 Point Pledge:

1) We will provide all drug and alcohol users with hope that recovery is an achievable goal.

2) We do not accept that clients get stuck or are too chaotic to move forward in a direction they want.

3) We will support the notion of peers as beacons of recovery who will provide inspiration to those who are starting their journey.

4) We will support communities of recovery which is user and peer, as well as carer led.

5) We accept that the role of professionals will diminish over time and move from directing to facilitating, and embrace the reality that recovery is people led rather than service led.

6) We will support the active participation of clients and carers in recovery.

7) We acknowledge that people have the right to their own journeys of recovery.

8) Recovery is a holistic approach which involves a broad church of attitudes and will involve more agencies than have traditionally been involved within the treatment model.

9) Perth & Kinross ADP will support the “Recovery Strategy” through effective communication of the benefits of Recovery to the individual, and the community.

10) We also pledge to support individuals, communities and organisations in putting a face to recovery, to ensure that people’s stories have a platform to be heard.

11) The ADP will work with our Partners in the Community Planning Partnership to create an environment where recovery flourishes and actively promotes the “Recovery Agenda”.

12) Our final pledge is that we will support recovery as a reality.