Help & Support

Help and support is available throughout Perth & Kinross, if you check the local websites you can find the appropriate agency for you. Please note that there is professional support in places like Highland House, which houses a whole range of services, including NHS and Social Work to support you around drug and alcohol problems.

We have third sector support, like Hillcrest Futures and TCA as well as Homeless Support from CATH and the Salvation Army, and Perth & Kinross Council.

Then we have mutual aid groups, self help. This includes AA or NA, for example or Smart Recovery.

If people have mental health issues and/or drug and/or alcohol issues there are also some excellent support at Mind Space, who run a Recovery College. MindSpace run a variety of events that supports people with mental health, which for so many people is part of their drug and/or alcohol use or other addictions


  • Emergency Help

    Overdose is a serious medical emergency, people in many cases fail to recognise it in a friend or partner and let them ‘sleep it off’ or try and solve the issue by using ‘myths’ passed down generations, such as ‘give them coffee’, in alcohol overdose or thrown them in a cold shower, some people think that by adding drugs to the mix, like cocaine this will ‘wake them up’ and problem solved.

    What you should do, is learn to recognise the symptoms of overdose and learn how to put the person in the recovery position and call 999. If the person has taken opiates and you have Naloxone administer this. Remember the motto ‘friends look after each other’ It is important to learn about Naloxone or get ‘U Turn’ which is a free app, which takes you through an Overdose Situation.

  • TCA

    The overarching aim of Tayside Council on Alcohol (TCA) is to reduce the harm to individuals, families & communities in relation to alcohol, gambling, as well as prescription medication as well as cannabis.