How to safely stop drinking alcohol

To safely reduce your alcohol intake, the important think is to find out more about alcohol and it’s affects on your body.

So find out what a unit is and how many you can safely use in a week. This differs between the sexes, and it is also affect by your size and weight.

Be aware of the amount of calories that are in your alcohol and the fact there is a lot of calories, so benefits are gained when your reduce or stop drinking.

Importantly alcohol has a major effect on your liver and is related to many cancers that affect your body.

In women it is the cause of FASD, which is a life long condition that will affect your unborn child and will be life altering for both you as the parent and for the child.

You can find out more by checking TCA’s website, or any national alcohol website such as Alcohol Focus Scotland, Drink Aware or Alcohol Concern