How to safely stop taking On-line or New Street Drugs

The safest way to stop drug use is not to use, but if you are using, substances like ‘new drugs’, street drugs, or white powders, then get the facts, it is important. If you contact CREW2000 they have some excellent information on their websites, ┬áIf you live in P&K and would like advice services like Hillcrest Futures, Scotland have a base in Perth, or the services for young people or the Cool2Talk website.

This would depend on how much you are using, what the drug actually is and how you take the drug. All these play a part, some depressant drugs, for example, drugs that act like tranquillisers are not designed to suddenly stop. You should seek advice from your local drugs project, so that you know what you are doing.

National services like Crew2000, will help you with advice and support around the issues, they have been dealing with street drugs and clubbing drugs for 25 years now. They have an App which is free to download and have booklets on these substances. It is important to provide anyone you see with as much information about the ‘drug’ you have taken, if it is a ‘white powder’ and your not sure, describe the symptoms and how long you felt that the drug affected you and explain any condition or reaction your body had to the substance!