Tracking your alcohol intake

You can reduce your alcohol intake, by planning what you drink and when you drink. It is important that you feel motivated to do this and also a good idea to reward yourself in a positive way for your achievement. Buy something you want with the money saved. You can get ‘Apps’ on-line that help you cut down your drinking, it is best to chose a date to start that is not interrupted by periods of consumption, like birthday parties and work parties taking place. Remember the why you want to cut back, it might be weight loss, you can really lose weight by cutting your alcohol. Please check the alcohol calories in the drink you consume, it might shock you into cutting back.

You can track your alcohol consumption by a few methods. Firstly you can keep a drinks diary and undertake a simple rough calculation around units. Many agencies now have on-line alcohol such as ‘Drinkaware’, this can be on your computer or your Mobile Phone, the beauty of these is you can get a true reflection around what you consume and can set goals. They tell you things from alcohol consumed, to calories, how much exercise you need to burn these calories off. They also provide you a food equivalent of half a hamburger or pizza. So you get real life picture. These a good for people who are really motivated and have self discipline, if you find this more difficult help and support is available locally by TCA (Tayside Council on Alcohol). Remember advice is free and it’s your choice to listen.